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The complete Tyk API Management platform installed in your own infrastructure. Tyk API Dashboard, Designer, Analytics and Developer Portal, make managing your APIs easy and efficient. Use our powerful plugin features to extend the middleware to meet your specific use case.

Why Choose TYK On-Premises?

Fair and Transparent Pricing
No hidden costs, no restrictions on number of users, APIs or analytics retention. The entire platform, under your control, on your own servers.

Secure and Dependable
Deployed entirely into your infrastructure, no cloud connectors. Fully on-premises. Tyk never calls home, so you can be sure that you have complete control.

Built for Performance
A single Tyk node can handle ~2,000 requests per second with low latencies on commodity servers (we’re talking $20 p/m commodity server – less than a weeks budget on coffee!).

API Developer Portal
Cut admin and support overhead with our integrated developer portal.

Dedicated Support Included
All paid licences include unlimited support tickets and emails, handled by our own engineers.

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