Product Profile

OpenText™ Brava!™ Desktop is a Windows®-based application that makes it easy to view and collaborate on virtually any file. It eliminates the need to install the native application on every user’s desktop, and allows users to safely interact with documents and drawings without altering the original file. Brava! Desktop is completely customisable and easy to embed.

Why OpenText Brava?

Universal File Viewer
View and collaborate on practically any file.

High-Fidelity Vector Viewing
See crisp detail in CAD drawings and sharp text at any zoom level.

Menu Customisation
Focus on just the features that are needed.

Changemark Notes
Step through comments, ensuring no changes are missed.

Easy-To-Use Redaction Tools
Completely remove sensitive data from documents.

Document Comparison
View two versions of any file type side by side or in an overlay view.

Drag-and-Drop Merging
Create new document by merging files of any format using OpenText™ Brava! Batch.

CAD Tools
Count items on drawings and aggregate areas of flooring or other materials for purchasing decisions.

Secure Publishing
Publish files to TIFF, PDF, or secure Content Seated Format (CSF) with persistent file security, including password protection and an expiration date.

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