Product Profile

Get a remote support tool that can keep up. Rescue features let you provide a seamless support experience for end users, with efficiencies built in for your support team. Everything you need — in one place. Enjoy simple support that fits the way you work.

Why Choose Rescue?

Remote Support

Get the power to access a device from anywhere in 20 seconds or less, without any pre-installed software.

Mobile Support

Support more devices and applications with more device coverage than any other remote support provider.

Video Support (Lens)

See problems through the eyes on the others without ever leaving a call center or office.

Integrations & APIs

Create a centralised support process with APIs, SDKs and other integrations.


Provide secure support with optimised security features and a commitment to annual security audits.

Administration & Reporting

Customise your support to fir your end users’ needs and get the insight you need through monitoring and reporting.

Customisation & Branding

Represent your brand in the best way possible with customisble features and full integration.

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