GNR have always been successful partners with Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky Lab are able to offer a varied selection of products to suit various customer needs as well as providing on-going reseller support. The company’s most valuable asset is the wealth of experience and knowledge it has gained in those years of combating viruses and other IT threats, enabling them to pre-empt trends in malware development.

Kaspersky Security Cloud – The first adaptive security

Kaspersky Security Cloud is the first adaptive security service that automatically adjusts to protect your connected world. It makes sure that you’re always in control of your digital life – wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, on any device.


If you have any questions or would like a quote, please contact our Intel Product Manager:

Paul Olliver
0333 101 9577

5 Reason to buy Kaspersky Security Cloud


1) Its all about you

Adaptive security makes sure you’re protected by adjusting to you and your habits online. It fine-tunes your settings automatically or prompts you to activate additional security features.

2) Always up to speed

Powered by cloud technology, it provides real-time protection that is highly responsive and always up-to-date. All without slowing you down or taking up precious space for your data.

3) Powered by Protection

Enjoy peace of mind thanks to award winning internet security technology. Kaspersky Security Cloud’s antivirus software keeps you safe from infections and intrusions across all of your devices.

4) You’re in Control

Even when you’re on the go you can manage all of your devices online. You’re my Kaspersky account lets you control every aspect of your security service.

5) Your Kids Come First

Look after your loved ones. Manage and adjust their screen time, select what websites they can see, and stay informed of their whereabouts via GPS. You can grant access to other users so that they can enjoy protection from Kaspersky Security Cloud*
*Available as part of the family package.

Kaspersky Total Security

With all their apps & devices – plus all the websites they visit – it takes a lot to protect your family from hackers, attackers and ransomware. We help you to protect all your family – on all their devices – so they can shop, surf, socialise & stream… more safely.

  • Guards privacy, passwords, files & photos
  • Boosts security when you bank & shop online
  • Helps safeguard kids… online & beyond

Kaspersky Internet Security

Hackers & attackers are always on the prowl. So, when you connect – we protect… helping you to defend your digital life against a whole host of digital dangers. You can surf, socialise & shop – on PC, Mac & mobile* – while Kaspersky Internet Security helps protect you from infections, ransomware, phishing & identity theft.

  • Guards against attacks, ransomware & more
  • Helps keep your private life… private
  • Boosts security when you bank & shop online

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

With so much of your life stored on your PC, it’s important that you do all you can to protect it. Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the smarter way to protect everything on your PC… to help keep you safe from viruses, spyware & Trojans – and help stop ransomware locking up all your files.

  • Defends against viruses, ransomware & more
  • Lets your PC perform… as it’s meant to
  • Simplifies security – with online control

Kaspersky Security Cloud

  • Automatically adapts to your lifestyle
  • Gives you powerful antivirus protection
  • Acts as your very own security expert
  • Protects your communications, privacy and data
  • Allows you to oversee every aspect of your security online
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