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ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing top-notch memory solutions that enrich the customer’s digital life. The company’s dedication to integrity and professionalism has made ADATA the leading memory brand with the most award-winning product designs. Backed by technical expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and premium customer service, ADATA offers complete memory solutions.

In 2010, ADATA began the process of rebuilding its brand, adopting the hummingbird as its corporate icon and an auxiliary symbol of ADATA’s corporate culture. The hummingbird’s agility suggests that ADATA is highly responsive to market and consumer demands; its swiftness demonstrates leading innovation and productivity in the industry; its exploring nature signifies ADATA’s determination to pursue all possibilities; the color and modern design reflect the exciting and dynamic characteristics of the ADATA brand.


If you have any questions or would like a quote, please contact our ADATA Product Manager:

Pete Mulvihill
0333 101 9667


ADATA are dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and sale of consumer, commercial, and enterprise product lines that make ADATA a complete memory and storage solutions provider.

Their product portfolio includes DRAM modules, USB flash drives, memory cards, solid-state drives and portable hard drives. As the leading memory brand, ADATA are dedicated to innovative product development, offering enhanced upgrade options across their whole range.

ADATA understands that professionalism and innovation, as well as the value of its products and services, drive a company’s competitiveness in the market. Its devotion to quality requires performing at the highest standards. Through constant innovation and development of products that exceed customer expectations, ADATA has won a plethora of highly acclaimed international awards.

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